Leadership Certificate Program

We’ve developed industry proven leadership training. This program presents leadership skills and techniques , teaches participants to apply leadership concepts, emphasizes the development of leadership skills, and examines the importance of communication and the communication process. In addition, the major concepts of human motivation are studied in order to provide the student insight into the processes that activate human behavior.

Leadership Units

Below are the courses we offer. Any combination of these can be built into a package.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze characteristics of today’s workforce that contribute to the complex role of organizational leaders;
  2. Describe leadership as a relationship between leaders and followers;
  3. Compare and contrast different managerial roles a leader will perform;
  4. Discuss leadership trait, behavioral, and contingency concepts
  5. Define the differences between charismatic, transformational, and transactional leadership;
  6. Describe characteristics and practices of effective groups and teams and demonstrate the ability to understand and manage team roles and behaviors;
  7. Compare and contrast sources and characteristics of human motivation and discuss content, process, and reinforcement motivation
  8. Analyze principles of communication as they relate to the complex role of organizational leaders;
  9. Explore concepts of diversity, culture, and appreciation as they directly relate to leading others;
  10. Explain the nature of empowerment and identify leadership practices that foster effective empowerment;
  11. 11. Survey how practical leadership occurs in human spheres specific to industry

All our training includes:

  • In-person trainers
  • Novel elements to stimulate creativity;
  • Exercises that build high engagement and shared commitment to personal, company and team goals.
  • Environments that ensure a safe and non-judgmental approach is adopted, allowing open and authentic dialogue and learning;
  • Learning outcomes though adjusting to multiple learning styles.

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