Nancy and Laura

Nancy Annett, Co-Founder Flashpoint Training, MBA, CHRL

Laura Pavilonis, Co-Founder Flashpoint Training, MBA, CHRL

As experienced human resource leaders, we get it….we know that people are the most challenging aspect of every business.

And…we’re clear on where companies fall short and the personalities, politics and rhetoric that goes along with it. We’ve seen it all.

We have created industry leading; Leadership Certificates to address issues teams and leaders are facing today

happy team

We know what works and have shared it with small, medium and large company’s, including

  • Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • And Health Care

Our contagious passion and enthusiasm combined with a fun approach to work and life, makes people of every kind engage in our training certificates. Although we can’t do all the work ourselves, our team of facilitators ‘rock it’ and never disappoint. We know…..we found them! And we don’t accept anything short of a team who loves to help people…without the nonsense!