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Who is Flashpoint?

Industry leaders in training

Who is Flashpoint?

As credentialed Human Resource Leaders with many years of hands-on and executive experience.  We know how to effectively train people and teams.

What is Flashpoint?

industry Recognized Training Provider

What is Flashpoint?

We’ve created training certificates  that provide skills required to succeed in industry today.

Our training is in person training, with a clear accountability and results.

Why Flashpoint?

Industry Leaders - Certificates Upon Completion - Engagement

Why Flashpoint?

Flashpoint Training Certificates have been recognized by industry leaders for 10 years.   Our highly skilled and experienced experts ensure a highly engaging training experience for your team.

What makes Flashpoint different?

We work with small to large companies to provide up to date training content from industry leaders to address the current needs of your team.


In Person Certificates

$ 156 Per personper session for 25 people plus Gst
  • Up to 25 Attendees

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